Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tree of Life Earrings

For these Tree of Life Earrings, I cut the sheet copper into ovals, and etched them to achieve a frame-like textural background for the pewter trees.

Attaching the trees gave me pause, since I was taught that the only 4-letter word, as far as cold-connections is concerned, is GLUE. I certainly wasn't planning to glue the trees to the copper, since that would bring the Bead Police down on me immediately (on second thought, WHY didn't I use glue?! - I could use a visit from the Bead Police!) - so how to attach them?

Then I noticed a few open spaces between the branches, and decided to attach them to the copper discs with very thin copper wire, which I think worked perfectly!

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BackstoryBeads said...

Those pewter trees look gorgeous against the copper. And your very inventive solution adds just a bit of extra texture - perfect! Love these.