Friday, September 14, 2012

Colorful Wire Mesh Beads on Satin

This is another bracelet I created on Wednesday, same design and idea as the Zentangle-inspired bracelet I showed yesterday, but using very different beads and stringing material, for a very different look!

These wire mesh beads are so much fun - I fell in love with them when I found them, and bought them for the shop. They have HUGE holes (7 mm) and are such bright colors! I have sold a few here and there, but I thing the large holes have stymied folks, so I really wanted to come up with something different to do with them, and I really like this idea.

The button reminds me of the 70s, and "Laugh In". I know it gives the whole bracelet a very "Springy" feel, but I just went with the flow, folks!

I have never really designed my jewelry according to the seasons, or Pantone's color edicts. I just do what I like! How about you? Do the seasons and seasonal "colors" influence your designs?

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