Monday, September 10, 2012

Spinner Ring Redux

Remember the crystal spinner ring I created for the Bead Soup Blog Party?

I guess the heat affected the ring after all, because a few days after the BSBP reveal, the crystal just split in half and fell off the ring.

This is what I was left with:
I briefly considered leaving it like this.

Then I started pondering what I could put on the pin. Which isn't detachable, by the way.

Can't get another bead on there.
Jumprings - yeah, they'll go on there. Big deal.
Coiled wire - I could do it, but it didn't really float my boat.

Here's what I finally did:
I was going to do a multicolored peyote bead or similar beaded bead, stitching it directly to the pin, and using several different bead sizes to get a nice, bumpy texture. I tried several different seed bead combos, but they weren't really making me happy.

I finally decided to make a burgundy peyote tube base with 11/0s, and then a narrower, larger diameter copper peyote tube around the burgundy one, using 8/0s. Both the peyote tubes spin, independently of each other. I like it!


AliMc said...

A double spinner, how cool is that? I think i might like it even better then the original!

Maggie said...

I like it too! Wonderful how things can go wrong and it leads to new discoveries.