Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lapiz and Topaz necklace

Here is the completed custom-ordered lapis and topaz necklace that I was working on yesterday:

I had to change up the design a little bit from what I showed yesterday; I had originally grouped the lapis rounds in groups of 3, and the topaz cylinders in groups of 3, and was going to alternate them. But as I started to build the necklace, the 3 grouped lapis beads were too visually heavy in contrast with the paler, smaller, and more visually delicate topaz, so I needed to balance the elements better.

Good thing I had made all the links with simple loops as opposed to wrapped loops! I could simply open up a loop, remove one link, and add another. Yay!

The topaz is so pale, it barely shows against these white backgrounds. Sorry!

I don't make much dainty jewelry - I am more a bold, chunky, statement sort of designer, but I really like how this piece turned out. Hope the customer does!

And it feels so good to start and finish something over a period of a couple of days!