Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Bead Police

I am on record, more than once, claiming there are no bead police. Like, here, and more recently, here.

I teach a lot of classes, and I own a bead shop, and I am always telling my students and my customers the same thing - no bead police! Want to mix rounds, rondelles, and cubes all in the same necklace - go for it! Wood, glass, gemstones, and pearls in the same piece - certainly! Asymmetry - be my guest! You like those colors together - terrific! It's your design - make yourself happy. Knock yourself out!

The pattern tells you to use 15/0 seed beads, but you'd rather use 11/0s - no problem. Some beading book says you must crimp your crimp tubes with crimping pliers, but you'd rather use chainnose pliers - it's OK! Somebody says you have to heat-set alcohol inks, but you've found a different technique that works for you - yay! All the best metal workers say you should saw your metal, but you prefer to use metal shears - go for it! Technique, schmechnique: if it works for you and has a durable outcome, it's all good.

There really aren't many rules in jewelry design. If it makes you happy, or it works for you, do it. I'm not going to say there are NO rules - because one thing I DO know is, Never say Never. And, right off the top of my head, I can think of one rule: don't smoke when you're doing torch work! So, there. There are a few rules here and there. But outside of obvious safety stuff, jewelry design is pretty forgiving and free-wheeling.

But I got to thinking last night: What if there were bead police?

Let's say, for the sake of argument, there ARE bead police. And this is them. Nice, huh? Scared?

Note: they are armed! Bead Police don't fool around!

In my head, the bead police are sort of like Santa - they saw what you did, and now you're on the naughty list. For all I know, they may even see you when you're sleeping (!)

They saw me substitute 11/0s for 15/0s in that bracelet I made Saturday from the July, 2012, Bead & Button. They know I used firepolish instead of Swarovskis. And wire guardians instead of French wire. My bead felonies are piling up!

Any moment, they'll burst in, and I'll be in Big Trouble. Of course, I will have to be frisked. Preferably, by all four, because my bead crimes are massive!

So you can bet, with these guys on the lookout, I will be breaking rules left and right! Bring on the Bead Police!

I wonder if I should put this poster up in my classroom?


dreaminofbeads / SAS Jewelry Designs said...

Oh I know there are lots of bead rules I have broken....maybe the bead police will come to see me too!!! Just don't tell my DH, LOL!
Great poster.

Sweet Freedom said...

LOL - I spent time playing with photoshop when I should have been reaming metal beads!

DeborahRead.com said...

Not sure - but if those are the bead police - send them to my house - I have broken rules, hundreds of rules
good choice on bead police - I'd confess to any one of them

Maggie said...

I wouldn't mind the bead police if they looked like those guys! I might even break a rule or two to see if they show up. You definitely need to hang that poster!

Halinka said...

Reading that fantastic post I was laughing,but also thinking about 'The bead Police' if they should knock on my door someday:-)
My jewelry rules are NO RULES:-)
I am certainly not very much keen on obey them,if they exist.I can see,I can read:-'Take this,pick up those,You should use,'crystal number25' etc...But the patterns in my books collection are not for imitating them and for the strict respect.Practically,I haven't made no pattern by others so far,neither bough any ready made 'kite'on 'Etsy',or somewhere else,which always makes me laugh and seems to be ridiculous,though people buy them and make them too.All of the patterns in my blog are MINE,but sometimes inspired by the work of others.I can learn the techniques,which is the most important,but not 'how to make the certain pattern'.That's why I do not need to respect any 'rules' at all.Let the 'Bead Police' chase those,who follow and imitate the commonly known patterns invented by others:-)
They look so 'serious'and even 'armed' but they can...'kiss me'!-hahahahahaa:-))
Warm Hugs-Halinka-

Sweet Freedom said...

Oh. Halinka - I agree with you 100%, on everything! Patterns are for learning, and for inspiration - not for copying! And certainly not for reselling - but don't get me started on copyright infringement - it is so rampant!

Infringers don't deserve THESE bead police - a whole different squad is coming for THEM!