Saturday, September 1, 2012

Kumihimo Lentil Necklace

Remember the kumihimo class I taught 10 days ago, where I decided to try kumihimo with lentil beads? The lentil beads gave me a bit of trouble, and I ended up taking the whole thing apart and starting over, but now the necklace is finished, and I love it!

beautifully behaving lentil beads in the kumihimo braid - such a gorgeous texture, like a pinecone!

poorly behaving lentils - twisting, turning, and disappearing into the kumihimo braid - before I took it apart

I capped the braid with some metal cones I enameled a rich black color, and then I used matching Picasso Cathedral beads, tourmalinated quartz, and hammered, soldered sterling silver links to finish off the necklace:

detail, showing jet black glass toggle and hammered sterling links

This 19 inch necklace is available now in my Etsy shop!


BackstoryBeads said...

Beautiful design that gets even more stunning on closer inspection. Love the way you finished it! said...

super sweet assembly
love the beads and the way they spiral

Eileen said...

Love the beads and beautiful finished necklace.Lentils are some of my favorite beads - glad you stuck with it. Eileen