Wednesday, September 26, 2012


It's a little departure from Wednesday Worktable today, because I'm still not "feeling the beads," so I'm not really working on anything. There are several projects on my bead mat, but they are being ignored.

Everytime I flip over to Etsy, I am greeted by this screeching iPhone banner at the top of the front page:

I can't even articulate what it IS about this that bugs me so much, but bugged, I am.

It showed up there one day over the weekend - virtually within hours of the dang iPhone being available. Man, those folks sure can pop out the handmade iPhone cases/accessories fast, right?

I know Etsy is a commercial site, but this banner just looks ... cheap.

Anyone else bugged by this? Just me?


dreaminofbeads / SAS Jewelry Designs said...

I am bugged that I can't get to etsy, but that will change as soon as we get a dedicated line! said...

I must be oblivious to some things
or subliminally block them out
I make my etsy tab my home page for my account so I dont bring up the general etsy first - and then search from there -I think I feel the same way - I avoid wanting to see the buy now banner - but generally if the pictures are not what I'm looking for I tend to let them flow over my head
(sometimes I think I miss a few things by doing this)