Thursday, September 20, 2012


I've always liked the word "ennui." It's an interesting word, and fun to say. Ahn-wee. So French, so mysterious-sounding.

But ennui is not fun - I started feeling myself dropping into the chasm of boredom toward the end of last week, and I am definitely there now - totally, absolutely, no-question-about-it, bored.

I have hundreds (hundreds!) of unfinished jewelry projects I could be working on - but I don't wanna (said in my best bored 5-year-old voice). My torch enameling stuff is fully set up, and I could simply sit down and start enameling, but - you guessed it - I don't wanna. I have brand spanking-new beadweaving tutorials I could pick up and start (remember how excited I was to do one last week? Yeah, that feeling passed, and I can't seem to muster it again.) I have hundreds of jewelry books - I could whip some out and dive into ... anything. Heck - I own a bead shop - thousands of beads, lots of wire - anything I could wish to work with, but I am not in the mood.

I need something to ... happen. That's all. Something fun, something inspiring. Doesn't even have to be jewelry-related! Is that asking too much?

Like maybe a fun, exciting, new class to attend - learn something totally new!

Or maybe I could win the lottery - but, that would require buying tickets, and - well, I can't afford to spend money on lottery tickets!

I know this happens to others - and I know it will pass. Just venting a little.

Thanks for listening. Encouraging words welcome!


AliMc said...

My sister calls that "mojo". Hers has been gone for awhile and slowly returning. Can happen to me several times in a week, LOL. Hope it breaks for you soon :)

dreaminofbeads / SAS Jewelry Designs said...

Hope you feel better very soon. You are so creative and talented! I miss you if that counts for anything. Bring in the felting stuff and just learn and make a big mess....have fun. Oh maybe rescue a puppy...I am sure Bailey would welcome a new menber of the family with lots of wonderful licks and such a happy wagging tail!

Sweet Freedom said...

Sonya - good idea about the felting - I keep forgetting about that project! But I have to have HOT WATER to felt, and as you know - there is none. A puppy would be fun, but I don't think Bailey would feel the same way!!

BackstoryBeads said...

Let's see -- if I had a case of ennui, I'd head to your store. I always have a sense of excitement that I'm not only going to have a lot of fun, but I'm going to encounter genuinely original work.

I guess the cure for ennui is knowing that there is still something new to discover, invent, learn.

Sweet Freedom said...

Thanks, Karin - that's so sweet of you! Come visit anytime!

Maneki said...

Yeah, it can happen sometime. And sometime the slump disappears the same way the came, other times you have to make it go away actively. Could probably say something more incouraging, but ironically I too feel exactly like that lately (and have a headache right now so it's really not my day today).

But as you say, these things come and go. It happens to everybody. But it doesn't make it anyone fun when it happens to one self, it's not helping to see it in that perspective then. A venting or rant may be what's needed.

If a good night's sleep, fresh air and light excersise isn't enough to make the energy and joy come back in a few weeks, it might be time to find a spark. Sparks can find you, but it's much more reliable to find it yourself. A colour, a material, a technique, a tool, a book, a photo. Sometimes it can be found when sorting through what you already have, but often I find it's about buying something new. Or looking back at what made you so excited about your creative pursuit to begin with. Old ideas, but they do tend to work.

Do you work much on your own, without others to share a worktable with? Sometimes I find it easier to get back on the horse if having someone else there too. Doing something together. Online friendship and challenges can work, but sitting down at a table with a friend or sister and just play around with what we have is better. Doesn't always work, but sometimes it can be isolating and doing something together -- not necessarily a joint project, just working at the same table -- breaks that isolation and adds a different dynamic. A change of gears.

Me, I also tend to doodle my way out of slumps. Embroidered or beaded doodles. I guess others like to draw or play with wire. Just starting with simple, basic shapes and stitches and no plan or design. Just going with the flow. Before you know it, you can't stop. Love doodling.

Anyway, hope you feel the fun and excitement coming back soon. Maybe you'll soon find that spark to ignite your energy again sooner than you know?

Sweet Freedom said...

Thanks for your insightful words, Maneki! I appreciate you stopping by. said...

Must be the weather - I've been feeling the same way
I've downloaded the tapestry book for a new way to fuse , doing a webinar next week also on a new way to fuse - I also need that boost - sick with pneumonia is not helping,moving at work - the stress is getting to me.
I so want to finish projects and work on new ones - so I know what your feeling like - I'm hoping the doldrums would end - sometimes just organizing can help me- sorting beads, but I think I'm going to get out the Zentangle book and make a new stamp - maybe you and I could start a challenge as we do similar work -