Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bronze Peyote with Stripe

Peyote remains one of my favorite stitches. This is a bracelet I created using bronze 8/0s, with a thin, off-center stripe of matte cobalt blue 8/0s:

I've been getting very lucky lately with finding matching buttons in my super-secret button stash, and I scored again for this bracelet:
I added a small picot border around the bracelet with 15/0s.

I love using buttons for bracelet closures, because there's such a fun choice of buttons right now, and they are so easy and quick to attach (as opposed to stitching a clasp from scrap!) Easy to operate, too!

What kind of closures do you prefer on your bracelets?

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Christine Altmiller said...

Love the vibe of this...with the right beads and stitch, simple is the way to go and this is great & the button matches perfectly! I mostly use toggles(beadwoven or manufactured), BUT recently inherited quite a stash of buttons. And now I seem to be using them all the time. I am not good at making my own clasps out of wire (though i keep practicing) and hate buying them, so now that I have this stash, I am going to deplete it!