Monday, April 9, 2012

Zombie Projects

Zombie Projects? Oh, yeah, they're zombies alright. I have a huge box (OK - more than one box), full of zombies, and I'm betting you have some zombies, too! Especially if you are a beadweaver....

Zombie Projects? Remember that shiny new project you couldn't wait to start? Literally, couldn't wait ... so you put away the project you were currently working on, and started the new one, and then another one, and another one - how many unfinished projects do you have lying around?

Just over a year ago, I actually went through all my unfinished projects and made a list. My iPad was brand spanking new out of the box, and I had downloaded a nifty organizational application that was going to let me list all my projects, and give them deadlines (if I wanted to).... ooh, I had a PLAN. I was getting organized! The solution to all my problems! When my list of unfinished jewelry projects grew to 20, I reorganized my list into subgroups: Wire, Chainmaille, Beadweaving, and Cold Connections - and when I passed one hundred unfinished projects, I gave up! And I still have NOT touched a single one of them. Just organizing my Zombie Projects became a Zombie Project! Ooooh ... irony.

At the very end of last year, I re-dedicated myself to blogging, and I have to admit, blogging about my work has made me much more productive. So last night, I decided to start a new feature (in addition to the wildly popular "Wednesday Worktable" ... wait while applause dies down...)

Zombie Project of the Week! My goal is to revive at least one Zombie project every week, and either finish it, or take it apart and get rid of it.

Of course, at the rate I'm going - I probably still create 2 or 3 zombies a week, and if I only revive one per week, I am still digging myself a big old Zombie hole, but we'll work on one thing at a time -

And in the spirit of Zombies and Blogging, the first Zombie I'll be fighting next week is ..... the first one I found a blog post about when I looked back through all my posts this morning:

The iolite fringe necklace.  Jeez - a 2008 Zombie. Such a pretty almost-necklace! Stay tuned for details!


Halinka said...

It would be very interesting to SEE a little of Your 'zombie projects'-hahahahahaa:-))It's a real pity,You haven't showed them.Maybe in another ocassion,eh?
I have not many of started and unfinished:some parts of the'Victorian roses';when I was making the 'rosebud ring',I thought,I'd have used more parts i.e. for the pendant ,or so.I'd made them and put away,'cause I resigned from making any further 'rosebuds'.I have five clear,small rivolis bezelled,but I do not like the bezels,so they've found a place in my drawer.Once I made a green'star',with rivoli-such a popular,that is still being made by most of Hungarian women.I concerned-it was too'popular',so I didn't want to be one of those ones,who always makes the variations of the same project.I spoiled it entirely,but the chain from it is also in the same drawer,cut into hundreds parts:-))
That's all for now about my 'zombie projects'.Some parts I possibly use somewhere in non described future and some of them-I'd like to get spoiled,when I have free moment:-))

Sweet Freedom said...

Oh, Halinka - I have actually blogged about several zombies! Of course, when I blogged about them, they were "almost finished" jewelry projects! LOL!

I didn't know I would be soon putting them away, never to finish them! Of course, that is never the plan when we first start a new project!

Maybe I'll take a picture of my big, full box of half-finished projects sometime this week. Can't see much, though, because all the projects are resting in individual Ziploc bags.

Sandra said...

*eyes that big wooden bowl with all the focals that never got quite finished or a necklace made for them* I keep wanting to tackle these, but ... you know ... Yes. This. *rolls eyes*

dreaminofbeads / SAS Jewelry Designs said...

Oh my, I can't tell my Jacob about your Zombie projects...he will be wanting to see everyone of them. Can't wait to see the first one completed and no longer a zombie.