Sunday, March 18, 2012

Road Trip!

After the store closed yesterday, 3/4 of our fun metalworking play group hopped in the car and motored south to St. Petersburg, Florida. 3 sassy women, 2 dogs, and a long, long drive - but look where we are:

Barbara Lewis' Painting With Fire Workshop!

We have been so excited about this, looking forward to it for weeks. And now it is here, and it will be over too fast....  :(

The last time Bailey and I stayed in a hotel, he gave me a black eye and a concussion. Crossing my fingers for an injury-free trip this time!

Look for many fun details and pictures from the workshop once I get back home!

1 comment:

Maggie said...

What fun! Well, hoping there's no concussions along the way. Looking forward to seeing your creations from this road trip. I keep looking at my scrap metal drawer and wondering if I will ever play with it again.