Saturday, March 10, 2012

The next best thing to being there...

My friend, Sonya, went to Mood, the fabric store featured in almost every episode of Project Runway, and brought me back this beautiful Mood wood button - it is huge (it's 1.5 inches in diameter!)

Sonya got to peruse all the fabulous offerings at Mood - the fabrics, the trims, the many aisles of row-to-ceiling buttons....swoon! She even got to meet Swatch, the store's Boston Terrier mascot.

Even Swatch is worn out by the dazzling button offerings!

I loved hearing about Sonya's trip to Mood - and I love my Mood button, which unfortunately is probably the closest I'll ever get to Mood! I'm hoarding my Mood button now - I sort of want to make something with it, but my bead hoarding instincts are telling me to SAVE IT. You know those little voices, don't you? You hear them, too - I knew it wasn't just me.

Looking forward to Sonya's post about her Mood trip!


Maggie said...

How very cool! I'm jealous that she got to see Swatch. I've been to Mood L.A. a couple of times and can only imagine how much more grander the N.Y. store is. Guess you are too far away for a trip to the L.A. store. It was the one the designers went to the year, think it was just a year, it was filmed there. I know the LA based PR designers go there. Makes me want to stalk them.

Sweet Freedom said...

I could easily see myself becoming a PR stalker! I really want to hang with Tim!