Thursday, March 22, 2012

Flamingo Phone

The area of St. Petersburg where we attended our Torch Fired Enamel Class on Sunday is simply beautiful - very artsy, with lots of colorful paintings (no grafitti!) on outside walls of virtually every building, and gorgeous, lush, Florida tropical plant life.

We (and the GPS) had a little trouble locating the salon where class was held, so we drove around for 10 or 15 minutes before we stumbled upon it. We were thirsty, and this being Florida, it was hot, and we had 45 minutes to kill, so we began the hunt for Diet Coke. Sonya's phone told her there was a cafe within walking distance, so we headed off on foot. Her phone's GPS was as confused as my car's, but we saw lots of cool stuff as we walked (in circles).

We finally asked a couple of gentlemen if there was anywhere close to get a drink, and they apparently thought we were looking to party, but after we clarified that we were looking for sodas, they pointed us toward a bodega further down the block.

This is the outside of the little shop, where a pay phone has been removed, and replaced with these Flamingos congregating around a palm tree.

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