Saturday, March 17, 2012

Store Mascots

These are my beady buddies! They come to work with me everyday, which is the most wonderful thing ever.

This is Bailey, who is also my customer service manager. Bailey is very popular in our shopping complex, and lots of folks actually come to the shop just to play with him. One of our customers gave him this squeaky purple sheep for Christmas. He loves it!

Bailey takes great pride in personally and enthusiastically greeting every customer in the shop, giving out kisses, and also checking their pockets and purses for snacks. I think he is much better than a WalMart greeter!

This is Gumball, who mostly hangs out in his bed, which is strategically placed so that he can see me, no matter where I am in the shop (except the bathroom!) Gumball is a rescue, and has Mommy issues and abandonment issues, and gets very upset if he can't see the Mommy.


Therese's Treasures said...

Ahh! They are so sweet and I am sure they bring lots of joy and love to your everyday.

Halinka said...

It's so nice,You're writing about a piece of Your life and its very important elements-the 'family members'-the dogs.They are so cute,nice and their well being is seen at the first sight either from Your photos,or from descriptions.
I also have two of them:Niunia and Kropka.They are two dachshounds: a mother and a daughter.Niunia has six of children once-I found the very good homes for five of them,but kept one for me,as she was weak and practically I have raised her ony own.That's why I told myself-nobody will take the better care of her,than me.Thus,they're still together,were travelling and moving out with me some years ago - from Poland to Denmark and from Denmark here-to Sweden.Me and my husband love them very much.
Double Hugs to You-dogs lovers always keep together:-)

Sweet Freedom said...

Doggies are the best chillens of all!

Kristina Zambrano said...

i was so thinking of you guys this days :0] I'm so glad to see everyone in the photo ... hi cutie pies ...

(((HUGS))) Bailey