Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's that time of year again

You know The Masters is right around the corner when you start seeing signs like this popping up, advertising anything and everything remotely golf-related:
As I sat at this traffic light, waiting for it to change, my mind took in this sign and though it must be a "typo."

How can you autograph tea? Surely they must have meant tee, autographed tees.

But then I thought, how would Arnold Palmer autograph a tee? That would be sort of like dancing on the head of a pin. So it must be tea.

By now the light had changed, so I snapped the pic and drove on, pondering the frenzy that this area is whipped into for 1 week every year.

And the golf course is less than 2 miles from my shop - on the same street we're on, so we'll be seeing big-time traffic jams next week! Yay.

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