Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Beady Dilemma

I recently rediscovered Cellini spiral, a stitch I hadn't done in about 5 years. I started this particular Cellini over a month ago, and (of course) worked on it a little, then put it aside as other projects beckoned.

The last time I worked with Cellini spiral, I used S-lon thread (size D) and smaller beads, and I was a brand new beader (the Cellini spiral was the first time I ever touched beads - even before I learned stringing!).

I returned to my new Cellini spiral last week. I used Fireline this time, and also threw some 4mm Czech firepolish beads into the mix, and my stitching tension tends to be very, very tight, and this combination of variables meshed to make this particular Cellini spiral almost completely inflexible. At first, I thought if I just made it a little longer, it would start to flex. And once it got to be 3 inches longer, it did actually bend a little, with extreme pressure applied to both ends. It will certainly never be a bracelet! And by the way, this idea that continuing to make something longer will eventually make it all better, never works. NEVER! And yet, I'm sure I'll try it again, and again....

So then I had a 3 inch long beautiful tube, but what to do with it?

I decided to use it as a component of a strung necklace, so I stitched up a matching 3-inch long Cellini tube to go on the other side of this theoretical necklace, but now I have to figure out what to do with the ends of the tube, which are (as I see them) huge gaping holes:

None of the many beads or bead caps I have at my disposal will completely cover the ends of this tube.

I absolutely love the colors and patterns I created here, and have several ideas of ways to cap it. I could stitch bead caps, or I could fabricate some bead caps from bronze or copper. But I have the germ of another idea planted in my creative subconscious, and I'm going to try to flesh that out, first.

This project will probably end up on the workbench for tomorrow, because today is set aside for doing the monthly sales tax report and catching up on all the do-over jewelry (repairs) I have let accumulate in my work basket since last Friday. I think folks are spring-cleaning, and bringing in all their broken jewelry for a little sprucing up!


Halinka said...

Cellini Spiral is still 'black magic' to me.Neither I know,how to make it,nor I like it.I maybe admire the people making it somehow,but the effect is still the same despite colors and beads used- too stiff to use as the bracelet,or as the necklace.Maybe the part of it-two,three turns and stop,maybe a bigger bead and another part of it...I do not know.But how to finish it?This is the real conandrum:-))
However-fine spiral-I admire You make it:-)

Silver Rains said...

This is a new pattern for me to learn and I started a project two nights ago. Didn't like it and started over :) I plan to use sections in between some ceramic beads I purchased. I think the Cellini Spiral is so pretty.

BackstoryBeads said...

Tubes! Brilliant! Be sure to show us the finished design when your necklace moves from the theoretical to the real world!

Maggie said...

I don't know, I was thinking what a pretty Christmas ornament it would make!

Anonymous said...

Cellini Spiral is one of my favorite patterns, despite the fact that is very time consuming. I've done few projects with it. For closer I see few ideas.

1. You can just narrow the number of the beads at the end till you close completely the tube. Here is an example:
2. Or instead of closing with beads you can just fit a round bead at the end and close it that way.
3. I have also seen another variation - you dont close it, but sting at the ends strings with all the different beads you have used in the spiral.
4. If I was you, considering the problem that the piece you have created doesnt bend, I would use the created spiral for asymmetrical necklace. I would position the spiral piece on one side of the necklace. Then I would continue one end with big size beads and on the other side with smaller two strands beads.

I hope the examples from my site did not sound as advertisement. Sometimes its difficult for me to find words in English. I can talk better with images.

Happy beading, dear!

I hope we see soon your final creation :-)