Monday, January 18, 2010

We took a short trip...

Bailey and I are both a little behind on blogging, and we humbly apologize to our massive readership.

We have been experiencing a little additional drama - more than our everyday stuff, and will be trying to catch you up, 'cause we know you can't wait to hear the details ;)

Bailey had just started to tell you about his Christmas activities, and I was still trying to catch up, when we had to suddenly take a little trip.

We had gone to North Georgia for the holidays, to visit our good friends Kathy and John, and their babies (Tai and Nummy), and less than 10 days after returning, John started to feel bad, and within days wound up in the ICU. A week later he learned he needed open heart surgery, and so Bailey and I packed up and hustled up to Gainesville, Georgia, where John had been transferred for the surgery (his home-town hospital was too small for this type of surgery).

When we had been at John and Kathy's mountain home for Christmas, we missed out on seeing snow, but when we arrived at the hotel in Gainesville, this is what we found:

It was unbelievably cold (for us - we are used to 50-60 degree weather this time of year - and it was single digit weather here!) And there was a tiny bit of snow on the ground.
As you can see - the hotel pool was frozen over (and members of the University of Virginia Rowing Team thought it was the height of hilarity to slide this pool chair out into the middle of the ice) and there was a little bit of snow on the ground. (PS - the UVA Men's Rowing Team contains a bunch of rude, cocky assholes. Further details withheld, but suffice to say they are poor representatives of their school.)
Bailey had never seen a pool, and as we were walking around inside the pool enclosure, casually chatting with Kathy's family while killing time before the next visiting hours at the hospital CCU, Bailey decided to step right onto the ice - right there at the corner where it says 8.5 ft - and he found himself over his head, treading water, and confused.
But he got himself right out of the pool, looking like a drowned rat, and right thoroughly pleased with himself.
Since it was about 28 degrees outside, I hustled him into our room, cranked up the heat, and proceeded to try to dry him off. However - he had already plopped himself into the middle of the bed, and was just rolling around drying his own self off - and completely soaking the entire bed all the way through to the mattress.
Housekeeping came and changed the bed, and brought me more towels, and I got him as dry as I could, while keeping him off the freshly changed bed.
Then I took my 2 remaining dry towels, and tried to lay them out on the bed for him to finish drying on, because I know my dog well, and there was no way he was staying off that bed. And we had only 10 minutes before we had to leave to get back to the hospital for our 1 hour window of visiting time.
So Bailey gets it in his head that there is no way he is lying on the fluffy towels, and he wants to lie and roll on the slick polyester bedspread.
He and I tussled for about 5 minutes - I'm on top of the bed, on my hands and knees, trying to pin him between my arms and my knees, and pull the towels up under him, and he is frisking around, trying to escape. So thrilled with himself, and just a-grinning at me. This was all a big game to him.

And that is when my right frontal bone - specifically, my right eyebrow area, met this pointy little crest on the top of Bailey's head: I was leaning down, trying to pin him on the towels, and he reared up to escape, and bone met bone.
I saw stars. Seriously.

And because I am a little bit weird, I decided to take some photos of my black eye. The impact was to the brow line, but gravity made the blood and swelling pool into my eyelid area.

This is Day 2 - the day after the injury.

This is Day 3 - a little less swollen, but a little more bruising.

This is Day 4 - more pretty colors, as the yellow (signs of a healing bruise) sets in.

This is Day 7 (today) - still lots of pretty colors.
And I am pretty certain I actually fractured the bone, since the point of impact is still exceedingly tender, and I still can't sleep on my right side, because the blood starts to pool in the injured area, and throbs. And it throbs every time I put my right foot down when walking, or when I cough, etc.
But it's not like they would do anything for this medically, so I'm just waiting it out, and sharing the gory details with whomever is reading.
Enough about me.
More information about our trip, and some Christmas stuff later.

Edited to Add: I finally had to go to the ER because the Headache I had ever since the head-bonking just kept getting worse and worse. And yes, slight fracture of the orbital bone, and bad concussion. Lots of pain meds were prescribed, and about 4 days later, the headache finally went away.

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