Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm considering . . . Hairdultery

Hairdultery: Cheating on your longtime hair stylist.

Yep. I'm considering it.

I've been seeing my current stylist for 25 years, and I think we're in a rut. There's just no excitement in our relationship anymore. Every time I see her, I leave with the same hair style, even though I've been asking for something new for about a year now.

Through some weird coincidence, 3 of my customers (whose hair always looks fantastic!) all go to the same stylist at a tony shop in downtown Augusta - their hair always looks so marvelous that I did something I never do - I asked who cuts their hair. And was astounded that it was the same stylist for all 3 of them. This shop would normally not be in my budget, but after seeing my regular stylist on Wednesday, and leaving with my hair actually looking worse (to me) than when I walked in (because even after 25 years of me telling her I like a side part, she sent me out into the world with a center part yet again, which I hate), I decided to make an exploratory phone call to the new salon, and see about an appointment.

And I got one right away - but then I started feeling doubly guilty, since I had literally just paid my old stylist for a cut, and I just couldn't justify paying for 2 hair cuts in one week, no matter how much I want a new style, so I called the new salon back and rescheduled for a couple weeks from now.

I'm nervous about the new appointment, but excited, too. And now, the guilt and the questions and self-doubt are seeping in. Because it really does feel like cheating, after 25 years. I already have my regular follow-up appointment with my old stylist, but I can't really waltz in their after getting a totally new cut, acting like nothing's changed! And I can't really afford to keep going to the new place, although I may do some more belt-tightening if I really love the new cut. But clearly, my old stylist will catch on if she sees me. And I can't go to both of them.....what to do?

Have you guys ever changed stylist after a long term (hair) relationship? How do you do it? Should I just call and cancel the next follow-up appointment with the old stylist, and not reschedule? Do I tell her the truth? (I really don't want to hurt her feelings!) She really is a friend - we have gone for Girl's Night Out a couple of times (over the past 25 years), and I have kept her dog when she's had to go out of town, and she and her husband even came to my retirement party when I left that soul-sucking corporate job I used to have - so it's a little more than just a stylist-client relationship. I'm afraid of hurting her feelings, and losing a friend, but I want new hair! This is weird.

Advice, anyone?


Sandra Young said...

Tough one! I have short short hair and need it cut every 3-4 weeks. It's difficult to get in to my stylist who is also one of my best friends so I've always kept it simple. I have 5 stylists to choose from and do not feel guilty about using any one of them! (3 salons) I've always said it's nothing personal - it's hair. It grows. I'll be back! While I understand your feelings, you really shouldn't feel guilty but I love your term hairdultery! Hairarious!

Maggie said...

Three people with great cuts from the same person? It's a sign. Yes, committing hairdultery is hard. I've done it, but I move so much that it's never the same level as what you are dealing with. If you see her just tell her an alien took over your body.

Sweet Freedom said...

Ha! Aliens made me do it!