Thursday, March 15, 2012

Is this the new thing?

PIF Treasuries on Etsy - have you seen them? Have you been in one?

I was featured in not one, but two of these PIF ("pay it forward") treasuries over the weekend.

While it is certainly an honor to be featured in a treasury, these PIF treasuries, which I had never heard of until last weekend, smack of extortion. And I don't think the curators grasp the concept of Pay It Forward.

For the entire purpose of these PIF treasuries is for the featured artists to turn around and create a treasury paying homage to the curator of the PIF treasury. Which seems like "Pay It Backward", to me.

I'm guessing there is a PIF treasury team over on Etsy, encouraging folks to do this in the name of self-promotion. Which is totally not in keeping with the original idea for treasuries, but whatever. Very little about Etsy is in keeping with the original concept of Etsy nowadays!

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Halinka said...

I think,You're absolutely right.
Recently,I have read one blogpost about Etsy by one of my dear Blog-Friends from Yhe US.She had belonged to Etsy team for years ans is grownig more and more disenchanted with all those 'novelty values' on Etsy,also with the absolute lack of sales.maybe they want to do something new in order to promote of the artists there,but as my co-bloggers say-today's Etsy has got nothing in common with the previous one.I was just about to have the account there,to show my works and even sell,but many people ,experienced in that area told me not to.Perhaps, we all have to wait all those bad times over.
Warm Hugs-Halinka-