Friday, January 29, 2010

You've waited long enough!

Here's part 3 of my trip to Gainesville, GA:

Let's just go ahead and get to the heart of the matter (in other words, what matters most to me)
Remember the ongoing saga of my Bailey-induced black eye?

I developed excruciating, basically debilitating headaches shortly after this incident, and since I have a long history of migraines, I ignored them at first. But it soon became obvious that these were not my "normal" headaches, and I eventually wound up at at the ER, and had a CT scan, and evidently Bailey managed to give me a concussion, so now I have post-concussive headaches, and one day I will be better. Or not.

This picture was taken on Day 20 after the head-butting.

I would sue Bailey for all he's worth, but that is only a few slobber-coated dog toys, so I'll pass.

The Gainesville hospital is gorgeous, and I discovered these incredible malted milk balls (called "Outtakes") in the food court, as was instantly hooked. They are at least 3/4 again the size of a regular malted milk ball, and twice as good - I highly recommend them!

I had 2 of these gorgeous beside reading lamps in my hotel room (rock on, Gainesville Days Inn!).

I deemed them to be trimmed with Gen-u-Ine Swarovski crystals, and told my friend Kathy (who's husband was our patient undergoing bypass surgery at the Gainesville hospital) that I would be slipping both of these lamps into my suitcase and taking them home with me (I did not). Kathy firmly believed that I believed that these were Swarovski lamps - and kept trying to convince me they were just Czech crystals. Doesn't everything look better with Crystal Embellishment??

This is a home visible from our deck at the Gainesville Days Inn - the snow had been on the ground for AT LEAST 4 days -and the laundry remained (stiffly) on the lines.

This "car" was parked on the floor below ours at the Days Inn - several tires missing, and no back window.

Nice ride!

Train parked next to Poultry Park.

My concussion and Vicodin are now going to bed!

See you next time.

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PussDaddy said...

Sorry to hear about your eye. I am sure Baily is sorry. And those malted milk balls look wonderful.