Friday, March 16, 2012

Cellini project update

Sorry, this is a horrible picture because of the lighting at my workbench, but this is the progress I made yesterday connecting the 2 Cellini spiral tubes. The lampwork focal will hang from the Bali silver elbow tube, but I disconnected it so I could manipulate the beadwork more easily (and it still isn't really easy to manipulate - I have about 20 different pieces of FireLine worked in there, and they are all serving a purpose, so I keep getting tangled!

I hope I can work on this some today, before I lose momentum, but I have a lot of do-over jewelry to tackle today!


Lupe Meter said...

Wow, it is coming together quite beautifully! I hate when things get tangled...I have no patience for that! That focal bead is gorgeous! When you get it all done, it will look awesome!

Halinka said...

The necklace seems to be going very interesting.I also hate,when I have lots of Fireline threads at the same time,during my stitching.It's annoying to see them involved here and there.It's a pity,You didn't show all the necklace,with those spiral parts of the rope,but I do hpoe,when You have finished it,You'll show how it looks entirely finished.
Happy Beading to You-I can see-it's not much left-the final effect is getting close:-)
Warm Hugs-Halinka-

Sweet Freedom said...

For sure, Halinka - I will be showing my *masterpiece* in its entirety when I finish!!

Maggie said...

Oh wow! I take back what I said about those being pretty Christmas ornaments. Well, they still would, but this is so stunning and such a wonderful work of art. Keep that momentum up because I'll be waiting to see the finished masterpiece.