Monday, March 19, 2012

There's a right way, and a wrong way...

To make bead soup.

I used to keep my leftover beads in small plastic tubs, obsessively sorted by color. Since I am more of a bead weaver than a bead stringer, most of my leftover beads are seed beads.

I liked these tubs because they were a nice size, no taking up too much space on my workbench, and they stacked, each one nesting in the one below it. They were very stable when stacked, which was a good thing, since they didn't have lids. And lids would have made the whole system less attractive and functional for me, anyway, since I would have had to open the lids everytime I need to access one of the soups, and the stack of tubs would have been over 15 inches tall! Ridiculous!

But then came the day when we needed to move the stacked tubs of seed beads to the back room, for some reason. Who can remember these details now? All I know is that my assistant was carrying them, and the next thing I heard was a really loud "Shit!!!!" from the back room, and I walked back there to find this:

That black shoe belongs to the bead-dropper.

We spent the rest of the day resorting all the beads, because I have a touch of OCD, and I just couldn't have the colors mingling .... ewwww.  And then we weighed out the colors and packaged them in sealed ziploc bags and sold them as bead soup!

And I do not let the leftover beads build up like this anymore.


Halinka said...

What a bead soup!
I'll tell YOu something-I do not know,if I consolate You with this ,or not:
My Dearest Husband,looking at my all boxes with beads,mostly seed beads,for they're so small,always repeats,he still has one dream:to take a big bowl and....mix it all there!:-)))
Of course,this is his favorite joke,but when he saw this-in Your photo-he said: -his dream has come true accidentally-he could see by himself-how it works!
Sorry,for Your being 'Cinderella' and sorting the mess out.
Bear Hugs-Halinka-

Lupe Meter said...

Oh, how I hate that! I have some stackable clear ones too. That has happened to me several times. So sorry that you have OCD. I have that also when it comes to certain things. It is tough when the beads are so small. I once dropped them on my that is even a bigger headache!

Christine Altmiller said...

I am laughing because I feel your pain!!!