Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday Worktable

The worktable is pretty boring today: repairs. Y'all know I hate the do-overs.

The 2 bracelets at the bottom right need to be restrung (and half the beads were lost from the amethyst one - I was to miraculously pull matching ones out of my ..... HAT .... to supplement!) - anyway, just finished those. How often do you guys run into folks that think that just because you make jewelry, you have an endless supply of every single bead, component, and finding in the whole world in your magic jewelry supply box? Crazy!

The necklace at the upper left is next. It was made for my customer by her 8 year old granddaughter. I'm supposed to 1) restring it, so it can actually be worn, and 2) shorten it about 6 inches, but 3) disguise my "do-over" so the granddaughter can't tell it's been restrung. Um....okaaaaay.

This is what the ends of the necklace look like right now:
Big knots are tied right next to the last shell bead, then there are about 2 inches of bare tiger tail, and then another knot secures the tiger tail to the clasp (2 lobster claws). I actually see this type of finishing fairly frequently on repairs!

I also have to teach a stringing class today, so I don't get to do much fun me-stuff today.



Maggie said...

I don't get the shorten the necklace, but make it look like it wasn't restrung. Huh?

Oh how I hate repairs! I used to sell jewelry so people I worked with thought I knew everything and could work miracles on things that never should have seen the light of day to begin with. Worst part? I always fixed their things for free, hating the do over and myself for agreeing to it in the first place. Long rant, guess it still bugs me and I've been away from those peeps for 3 years now.

Sweet Freedom said...

I tell you, Maggie - every damn day I say I am not going to take in any more repairs. I despise them. You are supposed to be part magician; have ESP so you can read the customer's mind, and figure out what they REALLY want, which is never what they ask for; PLUS not charge for it. Crazy. But things are so tight that I keep taking on more repairs. Gotta pay the bills!

Maggie said...

Those darn bills!
Not sure which is worse special orders or repairs.

Susan S said...

So are you supposed to finish the clasps again the same way? If you do it right the granddaughter would certainly see the difference!