Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Enameled Pendants

Here are a couple of enamel pendants - I've been playing with some new techniques this week.

This one has lots of millefiore and stringer, and I raked through the hot stringer with a mandrel. The pendant's hole is a little off center, but for some reason it is way more obvious in pics - maybe the extreme macro (?) than it is in real life.

More millefiore and raking, and this one got a bit overfired. It used to be a pretty lilac color, and now it is a deep metallic olive green - but I like this distressed look!

I painted this pendant with liquid enamel, and then sifted orange enamel onto the wet liquid. Once it dried, I placed a millefiore disc in the middle, and layered some stringer randomly over the top, then fired.

3 comments: said...

have you tried the Thompson
Vitreco™ Floral Wafers & Buttons
they are pretty cool to play with too

Sweet Freedom said...

Thanks, Deborah! I'll have to check them out.

Fireworks Enamels said...

The Thompson floral wafers look like millefiore to me, do they fire more easily? I'm having some trouble getting millefiore to spread without overfiring the enamels. There are some photos the October 20 posting (called Millefiore) on my website, any suggestions would be welcomed.