Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tangle Tuesday

Last night's tangle:
I got started late on this one, and kind of rushed through it. I wanted to try leaving some white space, and I'm not sure how I feel about this particular effort.

I liked working with funls, but need more practice! I had a hard time switching directions on the curved lines, and if you look closely, you can find my mistakes. After my second misstep, I figured out that if I rotated flipping the tile upside down for each column, I could make all the curves in the same direction. Much easier!

Tangling is fun, and I enjoy stretching my creativity with it. But it is really posing some challenges for this left-brained thinker. I am SO left brain - analytical, logical, detail-oriented. I should not even be able to design a piece of jewelry, I have so few typical right-brained traits. Maybe zentangling will help me develop my right brain a little!

For a fun right brain vs. left brain quiz. click here! Not sure how accurate it is, but it's fun. Today, she keeps switching directions while I'm looking at her; wonder what that means?! Last night, she was clockwise all the way. Which, according to the test, means I'm left brained. So, maybe it's just a fun test, not an accurate one. Or, maybe I'm just brain-conflicted.

Back to tangling - I am going to try to find time this week to participate in the Diva Challenge. The Diva hosts weekly challenges centered around a particular tangle pattern, and folks post their tiles, then hop around visiting all the participant's blogs. So it's a blog hop for tanglers - bring it on! This week, the challenge is dedicated to a new challenge called Fiori di Pietro (Peter's Flower) - it's an intriguing design, and I'm excited about trying the challenge. Just need to schedule some free time (can you do that?)

Stay tuned this week - I have big news coming up - probably Thursday!

Hope you have a safe and happy Fourth!


Maggie said...

I really like the shot thru. It would make a cool carved stamp. The mooka reminds me of an ear!

Sweet Freedom said...

You're right! Shot thru would make an excellent stamp - I can already see it stamped on copper earrings. Of course, I could also draw it on the copper. Can't believe I said that ... I can't DRAW!!!

Mooka shouldn't look like an ear. It's more like a furled fern. More evidence of my drawing ability, or lack thereof