Monday, July 30, 2012

Enameling and Decals

I also played around with some ceramic decals while enameling this week.

For the first project, I chose a rosy pink color to enamel a copper flower, and then applied a heat-tolerant decal - the word "bloom".

The second piece is a copper bead, which I enameled blue, then applied a few pink millefiore wafers, and then some really pretty floral decals - pink roses with greenery.

Before firing (sorry about the dreadful reflections):

After firing:

For the blue bead, I overlooked the fact that while these ceramic decals are built for firing, they tend to diffuse in the intense heat. My pretty, delicate rose decals turned into abstract maroon and green blobs - but I really like them. I'm more of an abstract girl than a floral girl anyway!

The flower turned out well - the black ink on the decal turned henna during firing, and the flower itself developed some nice scarlet freckles!

Not sure there's a future for decals in my torching. I'm not into the cutesy floral/girly decals, nor the inspiration word decals. But the technique is easy (gotta watch the heat, though) - so if I can find some decals that suit me, I'll do this again!

1 comment: said...

were these decals made by you or purchased? I use the decal paper (that turns sepia) and print my own designs (zentangles of course)
If you have an HP laser printer - available to you I'll toss in a decal paper for you to try when I send you your rubber stamps