Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bead Soup Treasures

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced you to my multitalented BSBP (Bead Soup Blog Party) partner, Kate Richbourg.

This week, I received a treasure trove of beads and findings from Kate - I am blown away by what she sent! She stuffed so much treasure in the box that I can't even fit it in one photo, so here are some shots of what Kate sent me.

This box is just PART of what Kate sent - I love how Kate photographed everything in the box, and then turned the photo into a great label so I'd know what was what. That's the pic resting in the top of the box - it reminded me of those paper labels in the box of Whitman's Samplers, warning you of which chocolates contain nuts (I hate nuts!).

Here are some pics of some of the goodies in this box (I decided to just photograph representative beads instead of the entire stash, because there are just so many beads I could never photograph them all, and do them justice.)

Sari ribbon

metal clasps - all beautiful, but I am fascinated by the wing!

metal charms

gemstone chips

crystals, vintage glass, Czech glass, gemstones, freshwater pearls

chips (again), kyanite, Venetian glass, crystals, glass, howlite

But wait, there's more!

copper wire solder, flat copper wire, 10g round copper wire, polish pads

Such an amazing assortment! I really am overwhelmed - thanks so much, Kate!

Here is what I sent Kate - as you can see, I have a real problem figuring out how to photograph these soups to best show them off!

I like this photo, but you can't really tell what's in there:

Here is my second attempt:
(l-r) black-gold amazonite, matrix jasper (left over from the pendant), chocolate freshwater pearls,
enameled metal beads and bead caps, wire-wrapped heart in copper and jasper, and copper toggle with enameled bar

I'm going to come back later this week and present tutorials on how I made the wire-wrapped copper pendant and the copper toggle.

Now I am in the market for a little inspiration, or fairy dust, or something. I have a few vague ideas for my BSBP treasures, but nothing's really jumping out at me right now. I'm glad I have a few more weeks until the reveal!


Loris Glassworks said...

Oh my gosh! You received an amazing collection of ingredients for your soup. See You at the reveal.
Lori D.

Halinka said...

Thank You for Your Kindness and Care-You are the Great Friend:-)
I am OK & more then OK:-)
We were on holidays in Denmark.
I have just come back home today.
Tired a little,but happy to have spent fine and relaxing time at the seaside,where the two seas meet:The Baltic Sea and the Northern one.
Vacations have never been the best time for beading:-)But of course,I am coming back to the beading stage,maybe not very often,but I will 'produce' something new.I will also present my holiday-photos soon and the pearls I made for my Husband's Mom,slightly before my visit to Denmark.I couldn't show them earlier,because She likes to watch my blog and it wouldn't have been the surprise for Her.
I am sending my Best Greetings to You and hope,You are fine too.
Your 'bead soup' is a real treasure-You've been given lots of incredibly fine things,which I bet,You'll use in YOur pretty style,I love.
Hugs and Kisses-Halinka-

Kate Richbourg said...

So happy you liked it!!!! I LOVELOVELOVE mine!