Saturday, July 7, 2012

Enamel Bead Sets

I took some time yesterday to clean up and examine the beads I enameled on Wednesday, and lo and behold, I had enough beads to put together 27 sets of beads!

And don't they look pretty on display in the shop?

Now maybe my enamel addiction can start paying for itself!

Tell me, would you rather buy beads like this in sets, or mix and match them as loose beads? I'd love to hear from you on this!


Maggie said...

Love these and I hope your customers buy them up quickly so you can support your habit. Online, I would want a set, but in person, I would love to rummage through and make my own set. I'm funny that way.

Sweet Freedom said...

Not funny at all, Maggie! I feel the same way. I hope more people weigh in on this! If they don't sell well in sets, I'll break them down and sell them loose. said...

The sets look great - a vendor at our shows sells individually and has had great success - but it all depends on the customers - maybe have sets and figure out pricing for individual in case people ask for individual and then you can break them up if you have too