Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tangle Tuesday: AuraKnot 1

This week's Diva Challenge is dedicated to AuraKnot, a new tangle that really appeals to the geometry nerd in me.

Here is my first attempt:
I've noticed that I have a real problem keeping the lines even - my hands aren't shaking (not perceptibly, anyway) - but no matter whether I go very slowly, or very fast, or somewhere in between, I'll have a nice even line spacing going, and suddenly the line takes a big veer either away from the line I'm "aura-ing" or toward it, running smack into it. Anyone have any ideas on avoiding this - it drives me crazy, and that is not very zen.

I wanted to put the AuraKnot on a background of other tangles, and I'm pretty happy with what I created.

I want to thank the Tangle community who have been so welcoming to me - this is tons of fun! And apologies to the member who left me a lovely comment last week, and my fat fingers on my stoopid iPad accidentally hit the "delete" button instead of the "publish" button, and the nice comment disappeared forever into the ether. Sorry!


Lorraine said...

I'm having the same problems as you! And more besides. But I think you should be proud of your Auraknot because it looks beautiful.

Maggie said...

Very cool design. For the most part, I've learned to embrace the not perfectly aligned lines in my work because it is hand drawn/painted and it adds charm and uniqueness.

tanglewithlinda.wordpress.com said...

The overall effect is really good. I, like you, am "aura challenged"; but am learning not to stress over it. Like in yours; most of the time they end up looking very good and you don't notice that the lines aren't "perfect". Besides, who would really, really want to be perfect. We wouldn't have any friends, lol.

Gloria said...

I agree, I am not able to be precise at all in my line making. But this is really well done. I do not notice any line accidents!

Twylah Ekko said...

I think your tangle looks pretty good and tangled :D

I must say tho I was having the same issue with my lines getting all wiggly so I decided I would look up some line exercises I could do, so that my hand would be a bit more coordinated. Practice on a scrap piece of paper and see which direction you can make the best 2 lines parallel to each other, meaning pull the pen toward you for 2 lines, then push away, then the right and finally the left. The video listed on you tube titled "How to stop drawing crappy pencil lines" I also found useful for me.

Sweet Freedom said...

Thanks, Twylah! I will go look for the video!