Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Let's Meet Bailey

Bailey is my 8 year old golden retriever, and my (almost) silent partner. He gets quite vocal if there are squirrels in view, dogs barking on TV, or people walking by on the street outside the front door. He also issues throaty growls when he wants to go outside. Not in a mean way - in an "I have needs, too, way." Otherwise, he is a perfect gentleman, and the best dog in the whole world.

Sometimes he just cracks me up. Last week, he plucked this almost-empty popcorn bag out of the trashcan when I wasn't watching, and proceeded to get it stuck on his head. I couldn't grab the camera fast enough to capture that moment, but 30 seconds later he jumped on the bed with the bag, and went to town!

He is incredibly sweet and smart, and now has his own blog: so pay him a visit over there, where he promises to be a better blogger than I am!

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