Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday Worktable

Today I am working on 2 beadweaving projects I started at home on Monday.

One is a Cellini spiral, with galvanized gold, silver, and bronze beads, and some gorgeous metallic Czech firepolish beads. It is meant to be a necklace when it grows up, but only time will tell.

The second project is a geometric peyote bracelet, which you may recognize as having the same design as this (former) bracelet. This time around there will be no issues with insufficient contrast in the bead colors!

I seem to be having some creative ADD lately - these are just 2 of the projects I am actively working on right now. I want to have my hands in everything, and keep starting projects, then moving on to something else. But as long as I finish a few of them here and there, I'm OK! Right?


Halinka said...

I have never made it.It always seems to me,that if I started,I'd have such bugs and knots,also would mix one beads'row with another one,get involved and finally resign!I admire people makig this horribly difficult,but fantastically decorative spiral rope.I cannot say-'I'll tackle and handle this topic':-)))I cannot promise,I cannot say-'I WILL':-)))
It's really SUPERB!
Bear Hugs-Halinka-

BackstoryBeads said...

That cellini spiral looks sensational - looking forward to the finished piece. That's a stitch I haven't tackled yet. Need to put it on my to-do list!

Sweet Freedom said...

Do not fear the Cellini!! It is really just tubular peyote, but with varying bead sizes.

Thanks everyone!