Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Worktable Wednesday

Yesterday afternoon I assembled the beads and started stitching a necklace idea that popped into my head on Saturday, so this is what is on my workbench this morning:

Some amethyst nuggets, some amethyst and ametrine chips, and some gold freshwater pearls. And I stitched up 2 brick stitch connectors for the design, in Jet AB 4mm cubes (I know, what other color would I choose, right?)
Stay tuned tomorrow to find out why I allowed myself to start a new project! (Gosh, I hope you can sleep tonight lol)

So, for a little personal digression, here:

We are having a stunningly gorgeous day today - it is 65 degrees, the sun is shining, birds are singing - beautiful! Other than having a slight headache while driving to work, a great day! So I decided to allow myself a treat, and I pulled through the Chic-Fil-A drive thru to get a fountain Diet Coke - YUM! I stuck the cup in the car's cupholder, and continued across the street to the shop (yes, I am right across the street from Chic-Fil-A), and lifted the cup to take a long gulp, and discovered they had given me Coke. Not my delicious Diet Coke, but nasty sweet Coke. I know my friend, Sonya, understands how this can ruin a mood!

So, of course, I had to get rid of it - I don't like the taste anyway, but I could never drink all that sugar (though I could certainly consume 10 times as much sugar in the form of Krispy Kreme chocolate iced cream-filled donuts, but that's different. That's the Breakfast of Champions!)

So now I am settling for a canned Caffeine-Free Diet Coke, and blogging while listening to The View. Where "the ladies" (and good grief, do I use that term loosely) are having a big, loud, rant, led by Whoopi, about Whitney Houston, Drew Pinksy, and Nancy Grace. With Elisabeth chiming in her 42 cents. It's a "View-ha-ha"! I crack myself up!

Have a great day!

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dreaminofbeads / SAS Jewelry Designs said...

UGGG!!! I hate it when the drive thru people give you coke instead of diet!! I have gotten to the point where when they hand me my drink I ask "diet"?
I love the colors you picked for your new design, can't wait to see what it may become.