Monday, February 13, 2012

This again?

I was cruising the web Saturday morning, reading news items, and found myself on the Atlantic Wire's page - reading about the yummy John Stamos.

As I scrolled down the article, the word "Facebook" in blaring red font catches my eye, so I glance over, to find this:

I can't really articulate why this bothers me so much, but it centers around my total lack of interest in my "friends'" web activities PLUS the fact that I don't feel like anyone else needs to know what I'm reading.. Good grief.


Maggie said...

Facebook is feeling a bit George Orwell. Maybe more than a bit. Facebook is watching rather than Big Brother. Scary.

Halinka said...

I do not have any account in 'Face'.
There were too many affairs,that I'm simply afraid of it.
I've been thinking of creating the profile for my beading someday,but those similar things I read about this portal very often.From the other hand,I've heard,many people sold their handcraft with the help of 'Facebook'.I do not know,what to think about it.As concerning 'Big Brother'-sad,but true:-'He' is everywhere.This is the syndrome of our times.

Sandra Young said...

As well, there likely would be an announcement on facebook about what YOU were reading on your facebook friends page. I find that rather unnerving myself. I've seen strange things pop up on my page about friends reading specific newslinks and wondered if they knew about it and cared or not. Privacy is something we sure have to be continually aware about!