Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Raku" Copper Earrings

A few days ago we had our monthly metal studio playdate, where I experimented with an enameling technique which simulates raku.

I initially wound up with 5 pairs of similar earrings, even though I had used 4 different colors of enamel and left the 5th pair with NO color - just clear:
I love the way these turned out - but I learned that the process of exposure to the flaming, smoldering paper basically negates any efforts to add color to the copper, as the 5 different colors that went into the kiln all came out the same. I love what came out, but it would have been interesting to be able to influence the colors somewhat.

So, since I didn't really want 5 basically identical pairs of earrings, I decided to take 3 pairs and re-treat them with enamels, using a very light coating of a different color of transparent green on each pair:

It's subtle, but the pair on the left was colored with beryl green, the middle pair with turquoise, and the right side pair with sea green.

These are not bad, but I still like the original-flavor raku coloration the best:
I have 2 pairs of these, and so I stashed one away from myself, and will be offering the other up on Etsy later this week. Gotta take Etsy-worthy photos, you know. I'll slip back in here and drop the link when I get them listed.

So there are my raku earrings - lots of fun!


Halinka said...

The earrings look so modern and charming.I thought,they can be worn to many fashion styles-from 'romantic',through the 'gothic' ones:-)They match to any kind of clothes and colors-I'd say -universal ones:-)
-Warm Hugs-halinka-

Cheryl said...

I'm with you....I prefer the original raku coloring as well.....GORGEOUS!!
--Cheryl :-)