Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I love blue and burgundy together

Seems like I have 3 or 4 color combos that I keep working with; I think most of us do! And most of us have more than one outfit in those colors, too, because we are just drawn to certain colors, and keep buying them!

I have so much jewelry in blue & green; blue & burgundy, black & red, and black & white that I could never manage to wear it all!

This bracelet is one I made to highlight a project in the February issue of Bead & Button (p. 72). The pattern is called "Filigree Fanfare" because it relies on filigree beads to create the design; however, I am still confused as to how the designer managed to make it work! He shows a diagram of how the eight (I think) strands are to be navigated through the various holes in the filigree bead to create the flat bracelet shown in the magazine, but try as I might, once I had gotten the strands through the first filigree bead according to the diagram, it was impossible to follow the diagram/instructions for successive filigree beads - all orientation was completely lost!

Fortunately, the haphazard way I ended up threading mine, because there was no other option, yielded a nice 3-dimensional effect to the fans, and while it initially bothered me that my bracelet doesn't lie flat like the one in Bead & Button, everyone who sees my bracelet and the one in the magazine actually prefers mine. So there!

And naturally I have at least 3 outfits that this bracelet matches! And multiple bracelets in these colors ....I wonder how many bracelets I can actually wear at one time?

Edited to add:  Per request, a picture of the original project as shown in Bead & Button, borrowed from the Kalmbach Website:


Christine Altmiller said...

i saw the one in the magazine a short while back and know what you were trying to do. but i like this better! it looks like it was made with fun in mind! it give it even more of a creative punch. Love it!!!

Maggie said...

I have no idea what the original looks like, but I love the texture and dimension of yours. Colors are so rich together.

BackstoryBeads said...

I simply love this - it's a stunner! Immediately got my February issue of B&B out - I had passed that project right by. It's so much more tempting your way!

Sweet Freedom said...

Thanks everybody - I agree, my is more fun and textural! I'll see if I can dig up a link to the original, Maggie...

Halinka said...

Very beautiful bracelet.Nice colors and an interesting design.
I like the free stitch.It always brings something surprising during the work.Unexpected effects can be the most precious,mostly in such variety of shapes,textures and colors.
Greetings from Sweden-Halinka-