Thursday, February 16, 2012

Geometric Peyote Bracelet

As I said yesterday, I allowed myself to start a new project Tuesday afternoon only because I finished this peyote cuff earlier that day - I try to not start a new project until I finish another design because I already have almost 100 partially completed projects, and I have to put some limits on myself, or I'll never finish anything! Why is it that starting new projects is so much more exciting than finishing them?

So anyway, this is the original pattern I designed for this cuff:
There was an earlier iteration in 3 shades of blue-green, which just didn't have enough contrast between them to do the pattern justice, despite photographic evidence to the contrary:

This particular attempt already shows some deviation from the original pattern, because I decided I wanted to make the bracelet a little wider than the pattern.

So basically, I have been working on this bracelet for 3 weeks. Sort of. What you don't know is that I actually created the pattern 2 years ago, printed it off, and stuck it in my project cabinet, finally hauling it out 2 months ago and choosing beads, and then actually starting it 3 weeks ago, as part of my quest to finish uncompleted projects! But it sounds really bad to say it took me over 2 years to finish a peyote bracelet. I guess I can live with it taking me 3 weeks. (And in my defense, I did actually get a lot of other stuff done during that 3 weeks...)

Here is the geometric cuff:

I deviated again from the pattern, making it a little wider than the blue-green version, and I decided to hide the button closure underneath the bracelet, so that the full geometric design shows.

So, there she is. I like it!

The oil light started coming on intermittently in my car last night, my car that hit 150,000 miles last weekend. So I'm off to (hopefully) get the car successfully serviced before my shop opens this morning - and maybe even squeeze in a visit to Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon ..... fingers crossed!


Halinka said...

The efforts were prized at last:-)
Very nice final effect.I can imagine the whole work over it,as I still remember my beaded bag,which You can see in my blog.The work over it lasted for five months,or even longer:-)
I like the original pattern though.maybe the colors in ir are less contrasted,but it results in some kind of harmony and balance among them.
And yet,Yours is more expressive:-)
Hugs - Halinka-

Christine Altmiller said...

fantastically bold and beautiful!

dreaminofbeads / SAS Jewelry Designs said...

This turned out great! I love the colors and that you hid the button closure. That was a really great idea.
Oh no, a trip to Hobby Lobby can be dangerous, for me at least! Hope you have a wonderful day.