Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Worktable Wednesday

Here's what's on the workbench today:

This is the peyote bracelet I started last week. It is slowly progressing; I have lots of stuff pop up that interrupts me, and I decided not to take it home last weekend, so I have only spent a couple of days on it since last week. It is now just over halfway stitched. Patterns like this involve lots of counting, so I tend to take frequent breaks - it tires my poor old eyes out!
I hope to finish the stitching of the bracelet itself by tomorrow, and then start stitching the clasp. Fingers crossed! Unless the shop gets real busy - which would be terrific, too!

This is a custom necklace I need to work on today; a customer who frequently requests custom work brought in 2 of her necklaces, and a brass pendant from a 3rd necklace, and asked me to combine all these pieces and beads into one necklace. There's some coral, some onyx, and some brass beads to play with here.

This is custom job #2 I need to complete today - these freshwater pearl crosses belong to a new customer, who'd like them made into 2 bracelets (one white, one brown).

So, once I complete the 2 custom orders, I can move on to my peyote bracelet! Gonna eat some breakfast, and some yummy Diet Coke, first though!

And BTW, I put earwires in all those earrings yesterday, so I'll post pics of the completed pairs tomorrow.


Halinka said...

You seem to be overworked:-)
But...It's a nice feeling,even to overdo things sometimes,but to be satisfied with final effects.
Your peyote bracelet is going to have a nice look,I love this 'courageous' design,fine colors and geometric character.
The pearl'crosses' look strange:-))) I do not know,what to tell You about them-customers can have strange tastes sometimes:-)))
But if You spread the wings of Your imagination and combine it with some other beads and the technique,the thing can even be fabulous:-)
Hugs and Greets-Halinka- always comment upon Your blog-posts with pleasure.You always have something interesting to show and to say.
going b e a d i n g...right now!:-)

Sweet Freedom said...

Thanks, Halinka - I follow you, too! You're work is gorgeous and meticulous!

The pearl crosses received no extra beads or treatments - she just wanted them strung by themselves!

dreaminofbeads / SAS Jewelry Designs said...

Work, work, work...but I guess that helps to pay the bills. Hope the shop gets really busy. Those pearls are kind of cool. Your bracelet is going to be really nice.