Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Worktable Wednesday

Here's what's on the workbench today:

On the left: a 3-strand necklace repair I just completed for a customer - it is just waiting for me to call her to come pick it up. This one was a toughie - it had been originally strung on thread, which had broken. What I thought were size 15 seed beads (making up 2 of the 3 strands) were actually even smaller than 15s, and were seamed beads. The slightest pressure on these seamed beads, such as merely sliding them off the worn thread, caused the seams to pop open - so I have my fears for the longevity of this necklace. The equivalent of about 6 inches of these beads were lost due to this fragility, since once they popped open, they would no longer stay on any beading material.

On the right: a rectangular cab I am creating a beaded bezel for. I have never done anything other than an oval, so this will be a new challenge. Black and white is a favorite combo for me, and this stone is gorgeous. It is a deep snow white (opaque) and a deep opaque black, and I have absolutely no idea what the gemstone is. I'd love to know, if anyone has ideas. It is definitely not snowflake obsidian. It looks very similar to this picture I found on the www - called "black and white jasper." I am not familiar with this name, and wonder if perhaps there is another name for it. Any gemologists or geologists or gemstone wizards out there?

I am champing at the bit for a new issue of Bead & Button to arrive, so I can start a brand new weaving project - I really have a case of beadweaving fever right now!

What are you guys working on today?


Halinka said...

THIs is the jasper.For sure.They are rare,but very pretty 'painted'.When You touch it,the black stains should be more felt by a finger,than the white ones,they are always more rough.
I wish You really Happy Beading.It is going to be the unique thing.

Sweet Freedom said...

Good to know - very interesting! Thanks!

Maggie said...

I have a strong dislike for do overs of jewelry. What a challenge that was!, but so beautiful. Hope it lasts long enough to make it worth all of your effort.

Today I was working on ATC Swap cards for St. Patrick's Day. Have them finished, just need to send off five and will receive 5 in return. I'll get back to glass soon, but loving paint on my fingers.

Sweet Freedom said...

Maggie, I'm so glad to hear you haven't forsaken glass! Your glass beads are gorgeous! Good to hear from you!