Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday Worktable

The Bead Soup Blog Party (BSBP) is winding down; folks are still hopping (I finished hopping on Sunday, yay!!) - but the creative part is over, so it is back to my regular routine.

I am taking a break from describing the various pieces I made for BSBP because it is Wednesday, so it's time to show what's on my workbench! But don't worry - I'll be back tomorrow with more creative sagas from BSBP!

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when I had the twisted herringbone bracelet on my workbench? It got pushed aside as I worked on Bead Soup projects, but here is a reminder of how it looked:

I was almost finished stitching the 4th (and last!) strand -

Here is how it looks today:
The 4 strands are done (almost ... more on that in a minute). As I discussed the last time, the pattern calls for several large-hole slider-type beads to be placed on each strand. I don't have any, so I have been stitching some up - I still need to stitch up a few more, and then I can start attaching the other end of the bracelet.

I attached one half of the clasp yesterday, and got a better idea of the length. Turns out the clasp doesn't take up much space, and I need to stitch about 1/2 inch more onto each strand so the bracelet will fit.


  • stitch 4-5 more slider beads
  • add 1/2 inch to each strand
  • attach end piece to the 4 strands
  • attach other end of clasp

And, I'll be done - hopefully, today! (I should never lay things out in a plan like that - it makes it seem so easy, like I'm almost done... and then one thing turns into another - little obstacles that have to be designed around - why IS that?? Now that I've put it out there, it may take me another week to finish!)

Happy Wednesday! What are YOU working on?

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Christine Altmiller said...

this is Gorgeous!!! i cannot wait to see it all assembled but i can already picture it in my head. yes, things always Seem easy in the head and on paper. the actual Doing is a real pain in the ass!
i am finally back to beading! woo hoo! i was working on some belated gifts with rocks the past few days but today, i get to make something for the sake of making it...wonder what that will be?!?