Friday, September 14, 2018

Two new tutorials! (It's about time, right?)

This brand new beadweaving tutorial, "Lucy in the Sky," features DiamonDuos/GemDuos and 8mm 2-hole Candy Cabochons, plus assorted seed beads and other embellishing beads. Five different colorways are shown, and in one of them I used a mixture of DiamonDuos and GemDuos. While these diamond-shaped beads are from different manufacturers, they are completely interchangeable!

Lucy in the Sky: 5 different colorways

Lucy in the Sky: there's a wide version and a narrow version!
The step-by-step instructions include both the wide and the narrow versions, and is available in my Etsy shop.

My second "new" tutorial is "Peanutty" -- it's not so much new as it's "I forgot to blog about this" - oops!

Peanutty is a double spiral tutorial for peanut beads, and you will never find more clearly written step-by-step instructions for creating a double spiral (you can easily substitute seed beads for the peanuts, so if you have been struggling to figure out the double spiral, this is the pattern for you!.

Peanutty: A Double Spiral Tutorial for Peanuts
3 different colorways are shown, and there is also an earring pattern. Detailed instructions are included for securely attaching the endings as shown in the pics.
Peanutty colorways.
You can find Peanutty here, in my Etsy shop.