Saturday, June 11, 2011

Shedding Dog Hair is Sweeping the Nation!

I apologize for being a terrible blogger- am currently putting in 50-60 hours a week at the shop (it takes a lot to keep it running; I don't just get to sit around all day making jewelry!), and there's the Etsy shopFacebook, Bailey and all his social activities, and Gumball, and just trying to have a little time for sleeping and eating. How does anyone keep up with everything? I could seriously use a cabana boy!

I haven't had much time at all to make jewelry over the past month, but have done a little bit of metalwork, primarily - this cuff is new since I last blogged:

as is this pendant, which includes a piece of my own fused glass:

I have a made a few pairs of earrings:

Both of these pairs of earrings sold so quickly that I have decide to deviate from my own OOAK rule, and recreate both of these pairs, and list them on Etsy. When I get some free time!

And speaking of deviating from my OOAK rule - I made an enamelled copper pendant sometime last year:

it was my own creative take on the South Carolina Palmetto Tree symbol. One of my customers fell in love with it, and her husband eventually came in and bought it for her as a birthday gift, but before he could give it to her (he kept it in the console of his car so she wouldn't find it) his car was broken into and the pendant was stolen. So he contacted me and asked if I could re-create it, and this time "add a little blue". So this was the result:

They both loved it, and so the husband asked if I could recreate the original. I was playing with techniques, and decided to solder the moon to the pendant instead of riveting it, and evidently the application of all that heat to the copper changed the way the copper took the enamel, because this was the result:

He loved it though, and has asked me to make another - but that one is way way on the back burner (he's in no hurry.

I brought home a kumihimo project that I desperately want to do JUST FOR ME. And I am slowly but surely completing a super-secret beadweaving project that just "came to me" one day about a month ago - I am determined to finish it (it's gorgeous), and I have a new rule (that I break almost everyday) that I absolutely canNOT start a new project until I finish another project, but this beadweaving thing is so tedious, that I need a break. So I am going to Kumihimo this weekend. At least, that is the plan. And we all know what happens when we make plans!

Oh - speaking of Facebook, Bailey and I (OK,. mostly I) were feeling a little goofy this morning. You see, Facebook makes these weird suggestions of pages it thinks you will like, I'm sure based on some complicated algorithms, but yesterday it suggested to me (on 2 separate occasions) that I join:

 and then:

Really?  Rock, Paper, and Scissors? In first place: WHY??
And in the second place - why are there groups of thousands of people who have joined each of these pages. Do they log onto Facebook and go, "Gosh, I sure do like scissors. I think I will go join a Scissors fan page so I can get ALL the latest scissors news?"

So, since the Rochambeau of Facebook suggestions was egging me on, Bailey and I have created a fan page for ..... drum roll please ...... Shedding Dog Hair. Go ahead - check it out. Click the Like button - Join us! We want to be the most popular idiots on Facebook!! Our motto, in case this will sway you, is Share the Link, Share the Love, Share the Hair.