Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow in Aiken

This was taken at 6:15 PM.
The snow had started falling around 3:30 PM, and it is still coming down. Fast.
But it's dark outside, so Bailey and I are in trying to get warm again.

View from my kitchen window.

Any weather is soccer weather!

Snow bunny.

Snow bird.

We're supposed to get about 3 more inches, and then it is all supposed to melt tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A couple of completed projects!

Just a little bit about 2 of my latest designs, both available in my Etsy shop:

This is a pendant I designed a couple of weeks ago:
It was largely created using various cold connections techniques, although I had to make the fused glass pieces in the kiln first. I then worked out a pattern on paper that would allow the glass to peek through a window in the copper, with a big focus on asymmetry, which I really love to play with.

This is a bracelet I created over the weekend:
I wire-wrapped hundreds of beads, including freshwater pearls, glass seed beads, and large aquamarine rondelles, to a sturdy bronze-colored frame. I love the blue, bronze, pink, and white palette - it is very soothing. The bracelet is easily adjustable to anywhere from a size 6 to a size 7.5 wrist.

And I actually have time this week to bead-weave, something I have really missed. I'm working on a freeform peyote bracelet, which I hope to showcase here this weekend.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Shame on You, ABC

I am absolutely disgusted at the way ABC is promo'ing tonights 20/20 episode on Jenny Sanford.

I have had the TV on for less than 30 minutes (albeit, all during the ABC Evening News), and there have been at least 2, and I think 3, commercials for tonight's 20/20 interview between Barbara Walters and Jenny Sanford. And each commercial ends with a very dramatic voice intoning: "Jenny Sanford; She's the Woman Who Didn't Stand By Her Man". The commercials even end with a still shot of Jenny Sanford next to a headline reading: "The Woman WHO DIDN'T STAND BY HER MAN." In all caps, and bold font.

OK - here's the thing.

To stand by your man, he has to be standing beside you. Mark Sanford? Wasn't. He was off in Argentina.

So Jenny Sanford is "the woman who didn't put up with a cheating asshole husband."
Jenny Sanford is "the woman who didn't tolerate an adulterous snake."
Jenny Sanford is a courageous role model - unlike some other politicians' wives, who I won't be bothered to list here (listen up, HRC.)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Roadside Dinosaurs

On the way home from Gainesille, Bailey and I passed through Bishop, Georgia, which is really just a wide spot in the road, but had a couple of (closed) antique shops, and this cute little roadside lapidary/gift shop, with these fantastic fabricated dinosaurs facing the highway.

I parked the car next to the dinos, and went inside what I thought was the gift shop - turned out I was wrong, and it was actually the owner's home (the gift shop was in a shed next door). But his front porch was strewn with fantastic cabs, wire-wrapped crystals, and other rocky treasures, and despite his "Open" sign along the highway, the gentleman told me his shop was closed, but since I was there, he would let me look around his shop.

He left me alone to wander through his large gift-shed, and when I returned to his front porch to pay for my treasures, I asked about the dinosaurs, and he told me everyone tried to buy them, but he and his wife had grown so attached to them, that they no longer wanted to sell them.
So, naturally, now I WANT one.

And now for true confessions time.
I came here today to post all the things I posted here.
So imagine my surprise when I discovered I had already done (on 1/29), virtually word-for-word, what I had intended to do today. Obviously, I was so high on the Vicodin Friday night that I don't even remember making that entire post. And I am still having the headaches, but am now out of Vicodin, so hopefully the headaches will start to improve soon.