Sunday, November 18, 2007

Here Goes!

Thought I'd give blogging a whirl, as my jewelry designs have been mentioned in several blogs in the past few weeks. I have been designing jewelry for a year now, and love it. has been up for almost 3 months now, and while getting the site up and running was a huge chore, it is going well. And my Etsy store opened 10 days ago, and couldn't be easier or more fun to operate! And those Etsians are so friendly!

Of course, the worst part of internet sales, for me anyway, is the photos. Takes so much time - time I'd rather spend doing almost anything. Clearly, not housework, however.

Bead-weaving continues to be my passion - I find it to be so relaxing. I watch TV or put a DVD in, set up my over-the-lap bed tray, and bead away. Just finished the entire Star Trek: TNG series. Oh - and quite a few necklaces and bracelets!

I'm also teaching bead-weaving classes at several local bead stores, and scheduled to start teaching beginning glass-fusing (my other passion ) early next year.

I have lots of beautiful designs in my shops, including holiday items. Take a look; you may find the perfect gift!