Friday, July 22, 2016

New Beadweaving Tutorial Featuring DiamonDuos, MiniDuos, and 12mm Pyramid Studs

Do you find all the new bead shapes overwhelming?

The shapes themselves don't overwhelm me, but the pace with which they are flooding the market does! Seems like every week or so I'm hearing about another bead shape, and wondering how I can get my hands on some!

Last week I got my hands on some DiamonDuos, 12mm Pyramid Studs, Honeycombs, and Crescents, and thought I would lose my mind - where to start?!

Within several hours of experimenting with the DiamonDuos, I had come up with 4 different designs, so I started stitching and writing, and this represents my first tutorial from those efforts: Art Deco Diamonds & Pyramids.

Art Deco Diamonds & Pyramids, a tutorial by Sweet Freedom Designs
In addition to the DiamonDuos, this pattern uses 12mm Pyramid Studs, Miniduos, 3mm Swarovski bicones, and 15/0s. I really love the texture that the DiamonDuos and Pyramid Studs add to designs!

Turquoise and Beige Picasso version of Art Deco Diamonds & Pyramids, stitched by Sweet Freedom Designs

Purple and Gold version of Art Deco Diamonds & Pyramids, stitched by Sweet Freedom Designs

In the purple version, I substituted 3mm FirePolish for the 3mm Swarovski bicones, and the result is a gentle ruffle along the outer edges. Substituting a 2mm FirePolish for the 3mm bicones gives a nice flat edge.

The tutorial is available here, in my Etsy shop.

Watch for a few new tutorials to be published in the next week or so!