Thursday, August 16, 2012

Awesome new Calendar App for iPad

My history with the iPad goes waaay back - we ultimately reached what I describe as a detente.

In a nutshell, I think it is great for games (which I have zero time for anymore), reading, and listening to music (although I don't use it for this - I prefer my iPod/docking station). But for web browsing, document handling, e-mail, and other productivity applications, I find it sorely lacking when compared to a PC. The iPad's keyboard is clumsy, and web browsing is just painful. Not to mention the frequent browser crashes. But anyway...

I did a lot of research and testing before I paid big $ for a calendar/GTD app that held a lot of appeal for me - ease of usability, nice features I really needed, etc. Of course, that was 6 or 7 updates ago, and the calendar app I used to love (Pocket Informant) is now bogged down with bells and whistles I didn't want, and that have greatly reduced its usability. I am just not going to spend 3-5 minutes and multiple clicks trying to delete or update an item on a to-do list. Sorry. Insert sad face here.

As I've mentioned previously, I had quite the go-round with one of the grocery apps - these apps that are supposed to simplify our lives and increase our productivity require multiple clicks and clumsy keyboard entries just to make a simple list - changing a 15 minute trip to Kroger into a Gilligan-worthy 3-hour tour. No thanks!

So, yesterday I had my hair cut. I took the iPad along, because my stylist is always running late, and I figured I could get 2 or 3 chapters read (Girl Gone) while I waited. Actually read 5 chapters before she called me back, but anyway....

Jump to haircut is done, and I'm at the front desk to pay and set up my next appointment. No need for ME to look at a calendar - I knew I needed a Wednesday, early AM appointment. The particular Wednesday didn't matter - so the receptionist scrolls through HER calendar, finds a date and time for me, and tells me verbally (no tree-killing appointment cards at THIS salon!) - I guess she assumed I would enter it in the iPad I was carrying. But No...I reached over the counter and grabbed her pad of yellow Post-Its, wrote down the appointment, and then briefly pondered what to do with this important piece of paper. (I wasn't carrying a purse) - But it was a very brief pause, as I quickly hit upon the solution:

That's right, stick it to the front of the iPad. I knew it wouldn't get lost, and would stay stuck until I was reunited with my calendar. That's right - I kick it old school, with a big 8.5" x 11" notebook-style Day-Runner I keep at the shop. Need to update an entry? Takes 5 seconds!

And let's not get started on my iPad case - this is the 3rd one this particular company has sent me (2 free replacements!) because the plastic hinges on it keep breaking (duh). So now, instead of getting a replacement, I use packing tape to hold it together. It's the 21st century version of the nerd with tape on his broken glasses, I guess!

So there you have it - my iPad calendar app that will never crash, never get a (useless) update, and never let me down. And you also know when my next haircut is!

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dreaminofbeads / SAS Jewelry Designs said...

this post was too funny...but I have to agree I like my calendar that I can take with me and write easy.