Friday, August 17, 2012

Beadwoven Bail

This gorgeous artisan lampwork bead (luscious swirling colors!) presented a beading challenge - the 2 holes at the top needed to be turned into a bail:

I chose some burgundy metallic 11/0s, and started by using peyote stitch to weave a circular band through the 2 holes, front to back. Then I started stitching a freeform peyote bail from the back of the circle, increasing as needed to widen the bail. I also started adding in some 11/0 Delicas for a little texture.

view from the back - just starting to increase

Once the bail was as tall and wide as I wanted, I started to decrease, gradually taking it down to meet the circular band I had stitched through the 2 holes, this time meeting at the front. I connected it to the band, and my bail was complete:

I chose to make the bail wider in the back than the front. I think it turned out pretty well!


H.T. said...

It's really unrepeatable and gorgeous,but...I'd hang something in that hole.I do not know what-something small and matching-the brown 'drop',or a little crystal...I do not know.You'll know,as to hang,if to hang something there:-))
All in all the pendant is going to appear in a fabulous way:-)

Karin Slaton said...

Loved reading how you constructed the bail and great idea to pull out the accent burgundy from the focal. I'm really interested to see how you design the neckstrap. You will share it with us, right?