Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday Worktable

I feel like I have been working on this Cellini Spiral project forever - I really want to be done, now.

Sometimes I feel like my pieces are the beading equivalent of tsunamis; they start of small and simple, and then, through no fault of my own, they build up steam and intensity and turn into these weeks-long statement pieces. I always love the results, but I still can't quite figure out why this keeps happening!

This Celllini project started as a simple Cellini spiral tube necklace. But it was too stiff to bend, so I had to turn it into something else. This was the beginning of the tsunami.

Then I decided to add a beautiful lampwork focal bead to the mix, and the wave started to build. How to connect the Cellini tubes to the focal? How to cap the ends of the Cellini tubes? How to finish the back of the necklace?

And, as with all my "project" pieces, I solve one problem, and believe I see the light at the end of the tunnel, and am nearly done! That's how I felt last week, when I started to add the skinny spirals to the back of the necklace. I'm almost done, right?

Or not. Because as I was stitching the first skinny spiral, I started thinking about the clasp. What to use as a clasp? No ordinary clasp would do! Plus, I didn't really have anything available that was a good match, metal-wise.

So, I guess I have to stitch a clasp. Feel that tsunami building, again? I knew I could stitch a toggle and bar, using the same seed beads as in the spirals, and obviously it would match. But I developed a bad case of "been there, done that" last Friday, so I decided I needed to do something new. And the wave is getting bigger! Where is the light at the end of my tunnel, now? See how this is through absolutely no fault of my own? The project is "speaking to me." What? You can't hear it? Am I the only one hearing voices coming from the beads....?!?

I decided to see if I could bead around a plain old ordinary button - I started stitching (freeform circular peyote) on Friday, stitched all day Saturday, and only managed to get the top of the button done. Then I took a break Sunday and Monday, and worked on something different. I started in on the button again yesterday, and haven't quite gotten the sides done. (In my defense, I had some repairs and some ordering to do yesterday, too).

So today I hope to finish the button - I am decreasing hard, trying to cinch up the beads and get a good tight cover on this button!

This is the top of the button - it is a little off center, and very loose because I haven't managed to stitch over the sides fully, yet.

Here is the side view:
Still a couple of rows away from getting over the side and around to the back of the button.

And then there is the next issue - do I make a simple seed bead loop to go over this button, or something else? Simple just doesn't seem to be in my vocabulary anymore! LOL!


Sandra said...

Ahahahah, oh poor you, getting carried away by your beading tsunami. I have been following you ever since you got started on that celini spiral, can't wait to see the finished piece in the end. No doubt it will be something very special. <3

Halinka said...

I can also hardly wait,until You've showed all the Cellini Spiral necklace and I bet,there are more impatient like me and Sandra-hahahaa...:-))
The beaded button is YUMMY!:-)
I like it-I also make them by myself,or bead the ready made ones.If the ready button looks nice-I libe the top-bead only its sole,if only the shape is fine,but the rest doesn't match the jewels I currently make,I bead it all,like You do.This is the fine work and gives nice effects.
Warm Hugs and...Happy Beading!

Maggie said...

I was hoping this would be on your worktable. The button is beautiful and I can imagine something like that on a beautiful jacket.

dreaminofbeads / SAS Jewelry Designs said...

Oh no not a tsunami....those beads are just calling me, save me! LOL
Love the beaded button.