Sunday, April 29, 2012

Freeform Wire Wrapped Bracelet

I combined a bead soup mix of blues, pinks, and neutral colors with Vintaj Natural Brass wire to create this freeform wire-wrapped cuff. The bead mix includes aquamarine rondelles; freshwater pearls in peacock blue, pink, and off white, and a mixture of seed beads and small Czech firepolish beads in pinks, blues, and bronze.

Freeform wire work is my preferred way to work with wire, because wire is not my friend! Wire likes to bend, break, and just generally be uncooperative when I work with it, so creating formal, structured pieces is a real challenge for me. I get better results when I either let the wire do whatever it pleases, as with this cuff, OR when I beat the wire into submission with hammers. Either way, I win!


Pixiloo said...

That is beautiful. It is definitely a win! :)

Halinka said...

Looks fantastic.I like the design,because it breaks all the framed cannons of stitching-You create,as Your heart dictates-lovely colors,rustling and metalic grey,nice free shapes on the vintage brace.I like it very much.
As if to believe in telepathy,or not-I'm also finishing now an absolutely freeform bracelet:-)

Maggie said...

So pretty! I guess I'm a bit like wire as I like to do as I please and don't like people to tell me what to do.

Lupe Meter said...