Thursday, April 5, 2012

When amateur just won't do

I'm still working on the Cellini Spiral Project, with the potential for finishing today, if nothing interrupts me. Which means, the big reveal could be tomorrow. If nothing interrupts me.

OK, that was freaky. As I was typing the second "interrupts" in that last paragraph, the phone rang. Telemarketer. Stupid interruptions!

Anyway, I finished the peyote button yesterday evening, and am planning to stitch the second skinny spiral today, and "wallah*!" I might actually finish!

But in my continued efforts to make a blog post everyday, please enjoy this:

I am still busy gathering all the tools and supplies I need to do my own torch-fired enameling. I have almost everything I need, and what I don't yet have, has been ordered and paid for, and I'm just waiting for the FedEx guy, or the UPS lady, to bring. I hate waiting! Plus, we have our first torch-fired enamel studio day set for April 15, so time's a-wastin'!

One of the supplies you need to torch fire enameled beads is vermiculite, and rather than rush to Lowe's and buy some, I hazarded a trip into the depths of my garage, and found this open, half-a-bag of Professional Vermiculite. Complete with spider webs and dead bugs belly-up covering the top layer! But thank goodness it is Professional, because I'll need all the help I can get when I start firing up the torch! Now if I could just find someone to get all those dead bugs out of there....

*Yes, I know it's "voila." But interestingly, "wallah" does not trigger the spell check, so it must be correct, too. As if its prevalent usage on Etsy didn't prove it was correct....


dreaminofbeads / SAS Jewelry Designs said...

Glad you will have a pro on hand....maybe fingers will be spared.

Sweet Freedom said...