Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Worktable

Ah ... the day-to-day fun of owning a bead shop.

My plan was to continue fringing my Zombie Iolite Fringe necklace today - it is all laid out on my workbench, waiting for me... but the FedEx guy met me at the door this morning, carrying a 60 lb box of beads, which I will spend most of today inspecting, inventorying, and pricing. Then I have to find a place to display them!Yikes!

I may not get to do any beading today.



Halinka said...

You may not be beading today...though-the selection and finding the right place for such amounts of beads,I'd also call a special kind of'beading':-))
Anyway,I am seriously interested:what there could be in that mysterious packet /?/:-))

dreaminofbeads / SAS Jewelry Designs said...

wow that box is huge!